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“$10-Million Touch the Water Promenade project to be put on hold until 2019-22,” Aug. 18 I was disappointed to read that public-access waterfront development is being placed on hold, in the same edition of the Journal that has a story of the formation of a beach on the North Saskatchewan River to the delight of residents. As a recent arrival to Edmonton from Winnipeg, I find the minimal access on the waterfront with promenades, cafes and shops to be rather bewildering, both from an economic driver and a human-enjoyment perspective. I strongly encourage Edmonton city council to reconsider delaying development and instead expand the plans and pick up the pace. It can contact any Winnipegger to learn just how much The Forks at the Red and Assiniboine Rivers is enjoyed year-round and stimulates the downtown economy. Re. “Fort Edmonton visit disappoints,” Letters, Aug. 17 I bought a pass when I took a visitor to Fort Edmonton Park on July 17.   I knew I wanted to go back which I did on Aug. 16.

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