An Insightful Overview On Products Of Transporting Dangerous Substances

Leighton’s partner Adam Soliman walked through the haze, in one himself. Day met him at the door and said something stern, which he recalls as “Adam, you’re not supposed to be doing that.” Day went further into the room and found Leighton lying on the floor. A grinding tool lay beside him, still plugged in, still running. “Get up off the floor there,” Day says he scolded, not realizing the severity of the situation, and based on Monday’s testimony — one that was already inescapably fatal. “When I got down on the floor I saw how serious it was,” Day told the court. As he described the scene, and the events which led to it, the Leighton family sobbed, cried and took long, laboured breaths in the back row of the courtroom, many with their faces to the floor. They opted not to speak to reporters Tuesday. Day and Soliman’s testimonies seemed to indicate the two young men went ahead with the cutting stage of their barbecue project without their teacher’s knowledge, as he worked his way around the shop helping other groups of students. Day said the last time he saw Leighton alive, he was still making measurements and putting lines on the barrel to mark the places where it would be cut open. The barrel had been cleaned by Soliman, with a highly volatile cleaner provided by Day. It was Day who admitted to replacing the end caps on the barrel, which ultimately added to its destructive powers when Leighton’s spinning grinder pierced the steel, sending sparks flying in the deadly vapour-filled interior.

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