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The proposed amendments to the group termination provisions aresignificant are far more onerous on employers. Employer will needto provide at least 8-16 weeks' notice to the Minister of agroup termination, depending on the number of employees beingterminated at a single location. Also, employers will need toprovide the notice to either the bargaining agent or the employees,as applicable. The Bill proposes significant changes to the administration ofthe Employment Standards Code including the establishmentof an appeal body, the mechanism for issuing variances orexemptions and authority for audits, investigations or inquiries,and the rules relating to complaints and orders. The seldom used layoff provisions of the EmploymentStandards Code will generally require employers to provideadvance written notice of 1-2 weeks and will codify certainexisting requirements, such as including a copy of the applicableprovisions of the Employment Standards Code in the notice.Layoffs will generally end after 60 days in any 120 day periodrather than after 60 consecutive days. New provisions are proposed regarding the employment of minors.Restrictions will be imposed on employers based on the type of workbeing performed by the employee and the employee's age withparticular emphasis on the health and safety of the employee. Division 10 of Part 2: Persons with Disabilities willbe repealed. Presently, this Division allows the Director to issuea permit authorizing an employer to pay a prospective employee whohas a disability, a wage less than the minimum wage if theemployment arrangement is satisfactory for both parties, in thecircumstances. Other proposed amendments include the removal of many of theexceptions for non-family employees on farms and ranches; changesto record keeping requirements; and changes regarding deductionsfrom earnings.

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P. 1 ? k}5 ? Access.resources that can help you make Advisories, Warnings or Recalls, click here . 8, f animation, claymation, rap, stop motion, poetry or film noire. A Director may impose terms and conditions theDirector considers necessary on r4f]C? K M provide proof of identity satisfactory to the officer.    qua v “Council”means the Occupational Health and Safety Council appointed under section 6;                                (e)    “designated substance” means a substance designated in the regulations as a designated substance;                                (f)    “Director”means a Director of Inspection, a Director of Medical Services or a Director ofOccupational Hygiene;                                (g)    “Directorof Inspection” means a person appointed under section 5 as a Director ofInspection;                               (h)    “Directorof Medical Services” means a physician appointed under section 5 as a Directorof Medical Services;                                (i)    “Directorof Occupational Hygiene” means a person appointed under section 5 as a Directorof Occupational Hygiene;                                (j)    “disciplinary action” means an action that adversely affects a worker with respect to terms or conditions of employment;                               (k)    “employer”means                                         (i)    person who is self? 3< G $Ou7 “fem Hz ^ l V b} / Y ~R+ _ l] &~9 ?

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